Thursday, February 11, 2016

Pitch Patch Potch

Observations from the week.....
I said on TV that Cam Newton would do something stupid during the Super Bowl because his immaturity and ego were more important to him than the game plan. Then his stupidity continued after the game and the days following. Grow up Cam. Man up too.

The Warriors are 38-4 at the All Star Break. History in the making folks. Enjoy it. This happens once in a lifetime.

There's a rat in the Sacramento Kings organization. Someone is disclosing too much information to the press. I think it's Shaq. When he talks, people listen. Who else knows about the dysfunction in the organization? This is the worst organization in professional sports. The 49ers are a close second. 

Pitchers and catchers finally report to Spring Training next week. 

It's been a great week! Bye for now. 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Campbell Park Football

Now that the Super Bowl is finally behind us, I have my own football tale to tell.
In the falls of 1984, '85 and '86, my friends and I from Douglass Jr. High would play football at my neighborhood park, Campbell Park. 
It was the perfect place for football. It had a wide open area that was meant for football. We would play everyday after school. I mean everyday! 
There were enough of us to make two competitive teams. We weren't the best football players, but we has fun. We would try all sorts of different plays. Reverses, sweeps, flea flickers and running plays. We really loved to pass though.
I always wanted to be the quarterback. I thought I had a cannon for an arm. I could really throw the deep bomb. I could and I did......with a Nerf football. Every now and then we has a leather football.
We would be out there in the sun, the rain, the wind and the cold and just have a great time for about two hours. We knew it was time to go home when it got too dark to see. The street lights coming on was another hint it was time to go home and eat dinner.
We loved playing after a good rainy day. Once I came home muddy and my mom wouldn't let me in through the front door. She made me go around through the back yard to the kitchen door and made me take off all my clothes and come in wearing my underwear. 
She hated washing my muddy clothes, but she knew I enjoyed it and it kept me out of trouble. 
Eventually, all good things must come to an end. We eventually stopped playing once we got to high school. Some of us got jobs or got involved with after school activities. Some of the guys got girlfriends or got into cars. As for myself, I got into yearbook and newspaper staff. 
I miss those days. I'd love to throw the pigskin around one more time with my boys! 

Sunday, February 7, 2016

It Was Once A Simple Game

A poem written by me......
Super Bowl Sunday
It was once a fun day
The meat, the cheese, the bread
We put on quite a spread
Don't forget the drinks
We had everything but the kitchen sink
It's a day to be lazy
Everyone will go crazy about the commercial with the talking baby
Then came the game
It's not the same
Oh what a shame
Everyone loves the scoring
All will be adoring
I'm sorry, I find the whole thing boring!

I really used to love the Super Bowl. I'm a sports guy. I talk about it on TV and write about it here!
What kind of red blooded American am I if I don't enjoy the Super Bowl?
I just don't anymore.
It was once a simple football game.
The game started early in the afternoon, so early enough, that after the game, as a child, I'd throw the football in the air and say, "I'm Joe Montana!" or whoever was the star of the game.
Now it's pushed back until late afternoon. The game moves so slowly now. There are too many commercial breaks.
Then there's the two weeks of hype. I know the NFL wants to build momentum for the game, but it's just so drawn out.
The Bay Area hosted the Super Bowl festivities this year. There was a Super Bowl City along the Embarcadero area in San Francisco. When I was younger I would have went. I would have bought all Super Bowl 50 hats, t shirts, and other things with the Super Bowl 50 logo on it.
But it doesn't interest me.
I have no plans to watch the game. I'll be at work watching people get ready for a day of excess. The day is a disgusting celebration of excess. Today is a display why people in Europe think Americans are fat and lazy. Today everyone will over eat, over drink and over indulge.
Money will change hands too. All bets are on today! The betting situations are ridiculous now. Who'll make the first first down? Who'll win the coin toss?
At work, there is a bank in our store. The last few years they leave the TV on so my employees can watch. This year I'm going to tell them to turn it off.
Today and tomorrow are days of wasted productivity.
Some people think that the Super Bowl should be a national holiday because everyone watches. Some people even think the Monday after the game should be a holiday because everyone is recovering from the partying.
Again, it's a disgusting celebration of excess I want no part of.
And it's only going to get worse as the years go by.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pitch Patch Potch

A lot to talk about, bot enough time to write.
I'm happy Ken Griffey Jr and Mike Piazza made the Hall of Fame. I saw Piazza as a young unknown catcher in Bakersfield in 1991. Saw him twice actually. Once in Stockton and the other time in Bakersfield. In Stockton they were calling him, "Pizza, Pizza!" Now they would say, "Mr. Piazza can I have your autograph?"
In Bakersfield, he was on the on deck circle, and he was casually chatting with a fan. Then he hit a homerun.
As for The Kid, I saw his second game as a Major Leaguer in Oakland in 1989. He went 0 for 4, but he did quite well for himself!

I've been thinking about the Seattle Mariners hiring a 22 year old young lady named Amanda Hopkins as their "Four Corners" scout. I know 22 year olds who bird dog scout first, then work their way up the scouting chain.
Her father was a scout for the Mariners for many years. This is clear nepotism.
I think it's nice the Mariners sponsored her for her training at the Major League Scouting Bureau. I think it's nice she made quite an impression there.
I'm not criticizing her. It's just a little much to give someone so young so much responsibility regardless of their gender.
A 22 year old hasn't seen much baseball to get a feel for what a scout must truly look for. Just my opinion.

The Cheating Patriots forge on in the playoffs.....
I hope the Arizona Cardinals knock the smile of Cam Newton's face. I don't like his cockiness, arrogance and swagger.
I want to see him crawling off the field crying for his mama after the game!

Baseball is a month away. "Pitchers and catchers report" is my favorite sentence ever.

Television is going well. I'm more comfortable in front of the camera now. I love my small little role in the big sports television world.

I'm happy the Rams are now the Los Angeles Rams again. A piece of my childhood came back last week. I'll write more about that soon.
Thanks for reading!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Goooood Moooorning Naaaaappa!!

This morning I was on the Sports Vine Show on 1440 KVON in Napa with Arty "Party" Reyes, Steve Meyer and Mark McCloud.
We spoke of my transition to the Napa Show as Sports Director and my personal background in sports.
It was a funny half hour just telling funny stories and shooting the bull.
I was asked about growing up and how I became fascinated with radio and television. I also spoke about using my imagination growing up playing sports when no one else was around.
As I said it was a great half hour and I'm looking forward to doing it again!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Three Will Enter, One Will Win

The race for Los Angeles begins.
The San Diego Chargers, the Oakland Raiders and the St. Louis Rams filed papers to the NFL to move to LA.
Stan Kroenke, who owns the Rams, is already building a stadium in Inglewood. Talk about putting the cart before the horse.
The Chargers and Raiders are in talks to share a stadium in Carson. I haven't been to Carson in years, but I think it's too far away to drive to. I don't think it's going to happen. Just my opinion.
Why do I think only one team will end up in LA? Because LA is a one football team town. There's simply too much competition for the entertainment dollar in LA. There's also others things to do in southern California.
I like the Rams situation in Inglewood. Yes, it's in the hood, but I think an NFL stadium will revitalize the area.
I think the original plan of a stadium in downtown LA by Staples Center would have been a logistical and traffic nightmare. Loved the idea of Farmers Field, but I think it would have been a terrible situation.
All I know is its time for a team to return to LA. It's been over twenty years.
Come on NFL. Make the right decision. Allow the Rams to move back to LA so I can root for the Rams again!

You Can Succeed By Reading This!

I hate self help books. "Reach for the Stars", "Be the best you can be!", "Give 1000% everyday!", "You can do it! Go for it!!" the book titles exclaim.
What I really don't like is the pretentious athlete or coach who writes a book on how to succed. I think it's ridiculous.
They always have some cheesy title and the undertitle says, "My keys to success in life."
Think about it. An athlete or coach are totally different people than us. They have physical gifts that only a few people in this world posses. They use those gifts to rise to fame and fortune. Coaches lead on the sidelines, but the coach isn't doing it by himself. He has assistants who do the thankless grunt work and he or she takes all the credit if their team wins.
If they are very successful, they'll write a book on how we can succed like them. They always have this smug, smarmy look on their face on the cover of the book.
I don't buy into it.
These athletes and coaches are given opportunities none of us will ever have in life. We're not given millions of dollars to perform our jobs. We're not given the finer things in life. (Ever notice how wealthy people get things for free, while us working people have to reach for our wallets?)
When they get fired or released, they have another million dollar job waiting for them. Most of us don't have the business contacts they do to keep working.
Some use success to make more money. Contracts are torn up and big raises are given if a coach wins a championship. Players get incentive bonuses.
They'll tell you in their books on how to ask for that raise or get that promotion.
They'll make you think it's that easy. Allow me to tell a story.
In my twenties I was struggling to get by. I needed to make more money plain and simple. I read some coaches book that made me think I was going to walk into my managers office and ask for a raise. The coach said to prepare and practice how to ask for it. I was ready to ask for a boatload of money!
I was turned away just as quickly I asked for it. The manager said it wasn't company policy to give raises. I countered by listing all the reasons why I deserved a raise. I was told to have a nice day.
The only raise given was the coach who wrote the book. He pocketed $19.95 off of me.
It was then that I discovered these books were a crock.
The coaches and athletes should write a one page book that say this, "I was born with God given ability to do things no one else can and people pay to see me do it."
Not all of us can coach a winning team. Not all of us can score the winning touchdown or get the big hit to win the game. Why should I read about how an athlete or coach telling me I can do what they do. I can't and I never will.
You really want to succeed in life.
Here's how. Go out and work hard everday. No excuses, no whining. Life is tough. Life isn't easy. Forge your own path and walk past the 'How to be successful book written by a jock' section. It will save you a few bucks. Put it in your bank account and save for the future.